Thursday, August 16, 2012

Classic analogue Sparkle FX

Searched around for a specfic sound (exemplified by JMJ in Oxygene), which I would describe as Electronic Sparkle (could also be described with words like bubbles or wind-chime-like).

Found something like it in Synth 1 (from Daichi and the patches for that by Electric Himalaya

I will have to treat this rather raw soundset but I think it is usefull for my use.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Jarre effect: Strings

So did a little research on the nice Flanger/phasing sound of Jean Micehl Jarre.
Here's what I gleaned from my research:
Used most prominently on Oxygene, it is in fact a phaser effect.
He used originally Small Stone Phasers (A guitar pedal).
Many have searched for VST plugins which could approach the effect:
Some mention the Kleistein phaser effect built into Reaktor.
Others mention Kjærhus Phaser.
I've downloaded som other phaser plugins and will report my favourite...

Well that took some time but I think my Favourite Jarre Phaser is the Kjærhus
(selected among SupaPhaser4, Sanford Phaser CM)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fimbul - started a new project

Have started a new ambient/electronic project called Fimbul inspired by Winter and cold in general.
Now we'll have to see where I go with this - have some ideas and inspiration (which of course is important) now all I need is perseverance :-)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Entered OSC36

Over the weekend I entered the KVR OSC for the first time.
The entry is for the OSC36 (see here
Rules are (in brief) use just the one specified synth!

Funny to try that, when you're used to going to specific synths for your favourite sounds.
The results are... well... stranger than pineapples...
The resulting track is here:

At the middle of february results are in...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jamstix3 and BFD Eco

Received the BFD Eco yesterday and started to try it out. Great sounding drums - my plan is to get this to work with Jamstix3 (of which I only currently have the demo for testing the setup).
I got it to work rather painlessly with the Jamstix sending midi to BFD Eco (after fiddling around with the setup in ableton, jamstix and BFD), however these two plugins eat CPU resources. My CPU meter hovers around 50% with just these two as active.
I was at first concerned about the disk access and have considered upgrading my HD to a SSD, mainly because BFD uses disk streaming instead of loading samples into RAM, however I am not sure anymore that the HD is the bottleneck, it could be that they are just CPU intensive in their own right - and as long as I can still work without drop-outs and spikenoises I'll leave it for now.
I also tried adding some of my other RAM and CPU intensive plugins to test it out and it still hovers around 50-60% percent.
So far so good. :-)

Next step is purchasing a full Jamstix3, so I can use the setup with all instruments instead of just the BassDrum (which is a limitation in Midi-send of the demo of Jamstix)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Crashes with Ableton Live

I experienced a lot of crashes recently with Ableton Live when switching from arrangement to session view and back while trying to record and drag drop clips from session to arrangement.
I upgraded Ableton from 8.2.2 to 8.2.5 and the stability was hugely improved.

Updated content

I have updated the blog with a page describing my current software and another regarding my hardware.

Waiting for more instruments coming in the mail :-)

I will try to share my experiences with my setup:
Currently I am having problems with my external harddisk: It is not stable it disappears from win7 from time to time. I am now convinced that the problem stems from the fact that I have too many USB devices on my labtops USB port (currently 11 USB thingies!!) and that theinternal  USB power supply in the labtop is straining to supply enough juice. So I have ordered a new USB hub with its own power supply.
It is particularly annaying as the external disk drive is used for the samples for my larger software instruments.